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SMART, Connected and IoT point of care device for effective and efficient delivery of remote healthcare

Connected Medical Devices, capable of augmenting delivery of Digital Health, make for a comprehensive solution

IoT point of care devices for screening or monitoring critical parameters during the golden hour...

Screening Device

Screening device that measures the following parameters

  • Auscultation (Stethoscope)
  • Blood Glucose
  • Pulse & Oxygen Saturation (SPO2)
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Blood Pressure
  • ECG (3/12 Lead)

Diagnostic Device

Diagnostic Grade Portable Point of Care Medical Device

  • 10" Capacitive touch screen enabled
  • Coupled real time interactive telemed ability
  • Cloud Integrated
  • Non Invasive Blood Pressure
  • Digital Temperature
  • Pulse & Oxygen Saturation
  • 12 Lead ECG / EKG output
  • Arrhythmia
  • ST (Level)
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Heart Rate
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