Education & Training


Healthkon’s educational and training material is created with the patient in mind. The content is simple, systematic, and comprehensive; it is designed to enable trainess to use Healthkon’s Capabilities to the fullest, and to optimize efficiency in the conduct of telehealth sessions.  


The material is intended for caregivers at the point of care or for physicians administering care remotely.

a. Instructions for Caregivers

The training material provides instructions to the caregiver for operation of Sanjivani mHealth platform integrated with IoT devices. This includes registration and screening, measuring patient vitals with DigIT 01 diagnostic device, facilitating teleconsultation and prescription management.

b. User Guide for Physicians:

The training material contains guidance to physicians for monitoring recorded and live patient data (inclding real-time streaming of ECG), viewing patient history, carrying out teleconsultation in PIP mode and prescription generation.

Aarohan Access Care​

The material is intended for Franchise Admin to manage the environment, Node Admin at the point-of-care and physicians conducting remote consultation.

a. System Requirements

This document specifies the pre-requisites and system requirements for successful operation of the platform.

b. Training Guide for Franchise Admin

The Aarohan training guide for Franchise Administrator facilitates creating, operating and managing the environment for remote consultation. It includes modules for user management, device management, scheduling and reports.

c. Training Guide for Node Admin

The Aarohan training guide is intended for the Node Administrator to book slots, register patients and facilitate consultation by operating the web platform.

d. Training Guide for Doctors

The Aarohan Training Guide for Doctors is for familiarising the doctors in operating the platform. This includes editing their own profile, viewing and confirming appointments, viewing patient history and guidance for the online consultation process through the platform.


The material is intended for Health Workers and Program Managers.

a. User Guide for Health Workers

The material is intended for health workers to register citizens, measure vitals, and upload to the EHR

b. User Guide for Managers

The guide is intended for use by Program Management personnel to monitor dashboards, download reports and create users